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Life Abroad Film Series

Gloria (1980)
Our latest season of film screenings is on the theme of Life Abroad: films about discoveries of the foreign; carnivals and holidays; exile and diaspora; and time out of mind. 

Every Friday until the end of March we will be showing films in Birkbeck Cinema. If you haven’t been able to attend before, this is a wonderful custom-built auditorium. We will also be showing short features to complement (or clash with) each film. The screenings are all free, and anyone is welcome to attend. 

Every Friday 20th January – 3rd March
Screenings start at 6:30 
Birkbeck Cinema, 43 Gordon Square, WC1H 0PD

20th January – Gloria (John Cassavetes/1980/USA/123 minutes)
27th January – Unrelated (Joanna Hogg/2008/UK/110 minutes)

3rd February – Touch of Evil (Orson Welles/1958/USA/112 minutes)
10th February – The Green Ray (Eric Rohmer/1986/France/98 minutes)
17th February – Nuts in May (Mike Leigh/1976/UK/90 minutes)
24th February – Beau Travail (Claire Denis/1999/France/90 minutes)
2nd March – Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania (Jonas Mekas/1972/United Kingdom and West Germany/88 minutes)
9th March – Special Screening in association with The Coelacanth Journal: The Secret Life of Edward James (George Melly/1975/UK/54 minutes)
16th March – TO BE DECIDED
23rd March – TO BE DECIDED
We have left two slots open at the end of the season. We have ideas for these slots, but also welcome suggestions from people that attend. If you make a suggestion we’ll make every effort to view it and see if it will fit for the final two slots of the season. Don’t feel constrained by availability of DVDs. If it’s out there, we will try and find it.
Gloria (1980)
Part of the brilliant late-70s cinematic record of a New York (think Sidney Lumet’s The Verdict or Dog Day Afternoon, Walter Hill’s The Warriors or any early Martin Scorsese) enriched by dirt, fetid sexuality, sprawl and anger, Gloria is Cassavetes’ most enjoyable film, sacrificing none of the superior improvisational acting and camera work but placing it upon the high concept mismatch road movie. It’s energetic, amusing and has the genuinely incomparable Gena Rowlands in spades. Come and see Gloria and Bill travel across country escaping the mob.


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The Coelacanth Journal Issue 7: High-Rise

Edward James's Kleenex

I’m very proud that my article ‘”My House Has Wings”: Edward James’s Follies,’ is published in the excellent new issue of The Coelacanth Journal. The theme of the issue is ‘High-Rise’, and my essay is a discussion of the polyglot Edward James, who is best known as a patron of the surrealists. After a traumatic marriage, James found solace in his utopia of Las Pozas, a small village where he built a series of outlandish structures in the rainforest. The Journal is 3 pounds plus postage, and also features great writing from Martina Schmücker, Phoebe Blatton, Louisa Bailey and Protoklis Nicola, as well as great visual contributions by Naomi Pearce and Stuart Middleton and Anthea Hamilton. Buy a copy here.

Edward James

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