Cute Animals in Film 2013: The Year in Review

Theodora Goes Wild 5

I would never do that to you. You know I never would. This past year I kept up the tireless search to gather together the Venn sweet spot of cute and cinematic.  (See 2011’s selection and here’s 2012’s). I still feel the great work on screwball films’ animals is yet to be written, and the donkey is actually up there with the goat as cinema’s emblem animal of choice.

2 Days in Paris 12 Days in Paris (Julie Delpy/2007).

3 Iron3 Iron (Kim Ki-duk/2004)

48 Hrs48 Hrs. (Walter Hill/1982). Watch it Nolte, I’m on you.

BallastBallast (Lance Hammer/2008)

BedlamBedlam (Mark Robson/1946)

Boudu Saved from DrowningBoudu Saved from Drowning (Jean Renoir/1932)

Computer Chess Computer Chess 2Computer Chess (Andrew Bujalski/2013). An enigmatic subplot in the film has the conference’s hotel infestated with cats. They promise they’ll have the problem sorted for next year.

ContagionContagion (Steven Soderbergh/2011). This heroic pig is on his way to kill Gwyneth Paltrow.

Devil & Daniel Webster 4 Devil & Daniel Webster 5The Devil and Daniel Webster (William Dieterle/1941)

From Beyond 1 From Beyond 2From Beyond (Stuart Gordon/1986). They all seem cute until they’re eating your face off.

George Washington 1 George Washington 2George Washington (David Gordon Green/2000)

HausuHausu (Nobuhiko Obayashi/1977)

I Like Killing FliesI Like Killing Flies (Matt Mahurin/2004)

Killing them Softly 1 4 Killing them Softly 1Killing Them Softly (Andrew Dominik/2012)

King KellyKing Kelly (Andrew Neel/2012)

L'atalante 2 L'atalanteL’Atalante (Jean Vigo/1934)

Le Cercle Rouge 1

Le Cercle Rouge 3Cat Man and Dog Man in Le Circle Rouge (Jean-Pierre Melville/1970). Grey coat, grey eyes, grey film, grey dog.

My Favorite Wife 2My Favorite Wife (Garson Kanin/1940). Someone is very glad to see Irene Dunne after her time on the desert island.

Notes on Marie MenkenNotes on Marie Menken (Martina Kudlacek/2007)

Nothing SacredCarole Lombard not happy about her bedfellow in Nothing Sacred (William Wellman/1937)

PhantasmDreamin’ Wild in Phantasm (Don Coscarelli/1979)

Prince AvalanchePrince Avalanche (David Gordon Green/2013)

RedsDiane Keaton chuffed about a puppy present in Reds (Warren Beatty/1981)

The Deadliest GameThe Most Dangerous Game (Irving Pichel/1932)

The Leader, His Driver and the Driver's WifeThe Leader, His Driver and The Driver’s Wife (Nick Broomfield/1991)

Theodora Goes Wild 6Reunited and it feels so good! Irene Dunne tries to introduce Melvyn Douglas to an old friend in the BRILLIANT Theodora Goes Wild (Richard Bolewslawski/1936)

Animal in film of 2013 goes to…

Igi, Jafar Panahi’s pet/cell mate in his This is Not a Film (2011).

This Is Not a Film 1

This Is Not a Film 3 This Is Not a Film 4 This Is Not a Film 5

Wild Life – Wendy Tilby


Two disapproving looks, one for including the beautiful SHORT film Wildlife (Wendy Tilby & Amanda Forbis/2011); the other for featuring the TELEVISION show Girls (Lena Dunham/2012).

That’s quite enough for now. A little ugly aftertaste to get rid of you.

O Lucky Man!


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