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Women Animators Lecture supplements

Pencil Booklings – Kathy RoseHere’s my selection of films from my recent lecture on women’s animation at the South London Gallery. It’s two playlists: one is for Youtube, the other for Vimeo. There are overlaps between them, mainly because Vimeo has much better resolution and also because I’m conscious that very few of these films are uploaded with the author’s consent. While I’m all for availability of content, I do really recommend that you purchase DVDs of the artists who have them. As I hope I made clear from the lecture, this is work that is often financially unrewarding (if not artistically).

Youtube playlist (41 videos)

Vimeo playlist (13 videos)

Buy Suzan Pitt’s films

Buy Sally Cruikshank’s films

Buy Caroline Leaf’s films

Thanks to everyone who came. I’m going to be writing a lot more on this subject and documenting it in other avenues, so keep checking back here if you’re as hopelessly interested in this subject as I am.

Suzan Pitt Asparagus cel


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