The Coelacanth Journal Issue 7: High-Rise

Edward James's Kleenex

I’m very proud that my article ‘”My House Has Wings”: Edward James’s Follies,’ is published in the excellent new issue of The Coelacanth Journal. The theme of the issue is ‘High-Rise’, and my essay is a discussion of the polyglot Edward James, who is best known as a patron of the surrealists. After a traumatic marriage, James found solace in his utopia of Las Pozas, a small village where he built a series of outlandish structures in the rainforest. The Journal is 3 pounds plus postage, and also features great writing from Martina Schmücker, Phoebe Blatton, Louisa Bailey and Protoklis Nicola, as well as great visual contributions by Naomi Pearce and Stuart Middleton and Anthea Hamilton. Buy a copy here.

Edward James


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