Lego Life

There’s a lot to be said about Lego. Some would argue that it’s predefined patterns make for rigid play, but that misses the profound joy of completion and creation. Construction, whether it be cooking, sculpture or sentence syntax, presents us with the alchemy of turning constituent parts into something final and finished. And Lego lets you play with a Darth Vader who is unspeakably cute.

Made with a care and durability that assumes they’ll be used for generations (company motto: ‘Only the best is good enough’), Lego’s worldwide success can be attributed to its simplicity. In recent years, Lego has slightly lost their way by introducing more branded lines (although the Star Wars venture has always been a good fit with the boxy starcraft of that universe) and with increasingly specialised and preformed parts (it’s hard to imagine a child getting as giddily excited over Bionicle as I was over my first Pirate ship).

So here’s a roundup of some good Lego links:

A piece from the Guardian from last year, nicely explaining the corporate culture and the renaissance of the company following a major financial crisis.

Another good place to start for all kinds of Lego goodness is The Brothers Brick. News, creations and discussion.

A remarkably classy ad for Lego from 1981 (Lego themselves aren’t that guilty of creating ‘pester power’ television ads that parents detest, not that that stifles demand).

A great write up of a Lego factory tour by Gizmodo.

Some artworks by The Little Artists, rendered in Lego.

Impressive time lapse of the construction of the 5,195 piece Ultimate Collector’s Millenium Falcon.

Nice tribute to 8-bit video games in Lego (lest we forget the original and best).

Unbelievable pop up Lego temple kit.


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